Custom Paint: Almost As Good As New

Don't guess! Save money with an exact color match with custom paint at Cook's Auto Service and Parts in Dalzell. Forget about buying multiple off-the-shelf samples. The professionals at Cook's Auto Service and Parts can help you with automotive paints that are a custom match for your project. If your vehicle gets a little scratch or a ding, we can recreate the exact color quickly. At Cook's Auto Service and Parts, we are experts in color matching, and we will mix the paint to match the factory color, guaranteed.

Special Effects

Do you want custom colors and special effects on your vehicle? Make your car or truck a unique work of art with custom paint. Custom colors and special effects let your car stand out from the rest.

Small Batch Color Matching

No color batch is too small. We help small-scale detailers make a big statement. At Cook's Auto Service and Parts in Dalzell, we have color experts who can help.

If you want the sleek look of custom car paint let Cook's Auto Service and Parts do the mixing for you. Call us at 803-499-9086 or visit our store at 3170 Frierson Rd.